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Pharmacovigilence Committee

The availability of wide range of medicines (Drugs) in every conceivable therapeutic category has revolutionized the practice of therapeutics over the past few decades. Drugs are also now being widely used for diagnostic and prophylactic purposes. Adverse Drud Reactions are being detected more and more. To make the drug therapy safer and new drug also made safer, a Pharmaco Vigilance Committee has been constituted as a part of India’s Nationl Phamacovigilence Programme (NAVP-India).

Present Committee Members

Name Designation Role
Prof. (Dr.) Manimoy Bandyopadhyay Director, IPGME&R Chairman
Prof. (Dr.) Pijush Kr. Ray MSVP, SSKM Hospital Member
Prof. (Dr.) Avijit Hazra Dean of Student Affairs, IPGME&R Member
Prof. (Dr.) Amit Kr. Bhattacharyya Director, IOP & HOD, Psychiatry, IPGME&R Member
Prof. (Dr.) Suchandra Mukherjee HOD, Dept. of Neonatology, IPGME&R Member
Prof. (Dr.) Santasil Pain HOD, Dept. of General Medicine, IPGME&R Member
Prof. (Dr.) Suparna Chatterjee Dept. of Pharmacology, IPGME&R Convenor
Prof. (Dr.) Diptendra Kumar Sarkar Dept. of General Surgery, IPGME&R Member
Prof. (Dr.) Chaitali Dutta Ray HOD, Dept. of Gynaecology & Obst., IPGME&R Member
Prof. (Dr.) Saroj Mandal Dept. of Cardiology, IPGME&R Member
Dr. Soumya Mandal Associate Prof., Dept. of Urology, IPGME&R Member