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Internal Committee

Our institution forbids any discrimination based on gender. Men and women are expected to function in their professional and social spheres with mutual respect and cooperation. The purpose of this committee is to look into complaints related to gender based discrimination and sexual harassment with respect to students and teaching as well non-teaching staff. The Committee functions from the Office of Dean of Student Affairs.

In terms of the Office of the Director, IPGME&R vide Corrigendum No. ICC/IPGME&R/14/1 Dated 12th March 2021 - the name of the "Internal Complaints Committee" was amended to "Internal Committee" as Section 3 of The Repealing and Amending Act, 2016 published in the Gazette of India on 9th May, 2016.

Present Committee Members

Name Gender Designation Role
Dr. Mitali Chatterjee F Professor & HoD, Pharmacology Presiding Officer
Dr. Somenath Kundu M Professor & HoD, Respiratory Medicine Member
Dr. Mamata Guha Mallicke F Professor & HoD, Pathology Member
Dr. Chaitali Sen F Professor & HoD, CTVA Member
Dr. Indrani Das F HoD, FSM Member
Dr. Chandreyee Das M Dept. of Physiology, IPGME&R Member
Dr. Soma Banerjee F Representative, NGO Hijli INSPIRATION Member (NGO Representative)
Mr. Mohan Kumar Sharma M Accounts Officer, BIN Member
Mrs. Manisha Ghosh F Nursing Superintendent, SSKMH Member
Mrs. Jhunu Ghosh M Head Clerk, SSKMH Member
Dr. Paulami De F PGT Representative Member