Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research

A Center of Excellence in Medical Education and Research

Annex-3 PG Polyclinic

Address : 5 Suburban Hospital Road. Kolkata-20

  • Dr.Sarmistha Mitra, Superintendent
  • PG Poly Clinic Smt. Sreela Dutta, Head Clerk
  • Smt. Papia Roy, U.D.0 detailed to duty at PGPC.
  • Sri Taraknath Dey, Upper Division Assistant.
  • Nursing Superintendentsuperannuated on 31't July 2022 and other Nursing Personnel.(23)

SDLD , CTVS,Surgery+ Oncology, Physical Medicine, Dermatology

Dr.Santanu Dutta(C,T.V.S)
Dr.Subhendu Majhi(Surgery+Cncology)
Dr.Biswanath Naskar(Skin)
Dr.Tanvir Ahmed (Physical Medicine) Friday
Dr, Subhendu Maihi(Surgery+Oncology)

  • Dr.G.K. Dhali
  • Dr. Santanu Dutta
  • Dr. Subhendu Majhi
  • Dr. Tanvir Ahmed
  • Dr. Biswanath.Naskar
  • 1st Floor-32+ Cabin-7 Beds +2ER Beds
  • 2nd Floor-32+2 ER Beds
  • Total-75 Beds

SDLD with Endoscopy and Lab+ OPD

SDLD Indoor and OPD Services