Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research

A Center of Excellence in Medical Education and Research

Mission Statement

  • To maintain fellow feeling and fraternity amongst the ex-students of the institution by promoting social and cultural association amongst themselves.

  • To maintain the honor and dignity of the members and to further the cause of scientific research.

  • To maintain an up-to-date Register of Alumni of the IPGME&R with their qualifications and addresses.

  • To make arrangements for holding an Annual Re-union of the past students of the institute in co-operation with the Students Union of the Institution.

  • To maintain a benevolent fund to help alumni in case of distress.

  • To raise funds, collect subscriptions, donations, receive endowments and to utilize them properly for the benefits of the Association and for the furtherance of its objects.

  • To receive grants for the purpose of the society from Central / State Governments.

  • To do all such things as may be deemed incidental or conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objects.