Faculty Members of Surgery Department
Dr. Abhimanyu Basu (Prof.) Dr. Ami Ray (Asst. Prof.)
Dr. Amitabha Sarkar (Prof.) Dr. Amitava Mandal (Jr.)
Dr. Arnab Chakraborty (Jr.) Dr. Asif Ayaz (RMO-cum-Clinical Tutor)
Dr. Bapan Kumar Pradhan (Jr.) Dr. Bappaditya Sarkar (RMO-cum-Clinical Tutor)
Dr. Bhaswati Ray (Jr.) Dr. Bitan Kumar Chattopadhyay (Prof.)
Dr. Diptendra Kumar Sarkar (Prof.) Dr. Durgaprasad Nanda (Jr.)
Dr. Gaurav Narjinari (Asst. Prof.) Dr. Koustav Mondal (RMO-cum-Clinical Tutor)
Dr. Kumar Dheeraj (Jr.) Dr. Mainak Pal (RMO-cum-Clinical Tutor)
Dr. Milton Karmakar (Jr.) Dr. Partha Sarathi Ghosh (Asst. Prof.)
Dr. Partha Sarathi Mandal (Jr.) Dr. Prakash Bhagat (RMO-cum-Clinical Tutor)
Dr. Probhas Kumar Sarkar (Prof.) Dr. Prosanta Kumar Bhattacharjee (Prof.)
Dr. Rajat Suvra Moral (Asso. Prof.) Dr. Safikul Islam (Jr.)
Dr. Saibal Chakraborty (RMO-cum-Clinical Tutor) Dr. Santanu Sinha (Asso. Prof.)
Dr. Saurabh Das (Asst. Prof.) Dr. Shubhra Datta (Sr.)
Dr. Somnath Biswas (RMO-cum-Clinical Tutor) Dr. Soumen Das (Asst. Prof.)
Dr. Sunanda De (Asst. Prof.) Dr. Susnata De (Asst. Prof.)
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