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Department Name (Dr.) Extension Email address 
"EPABX number 22041100; to contact in any extension dial 22041+ extn no"; Director IPGMER is the SPIO.
Director, IPGMER Prof (Dr.) Manimoy Bandopadhyay 101 director.ipgmer@gmail.com
Director, BIN Prof (Dr.) Manimoy Bandopadhyay 22237726 director.ipgmer@gmail.com
Director ICVS    
Director, IOP Prof. Dr. Pradip Saha 483 pradeepnimhan@gmail.com
MSVP, IPGMER-SSKM Prof (Dr.) Raghunath Misra 102 msvpsskm@gmail.com
Deputy Superintendent (I), SSKMH Dr. Atindra Nath Mondal 103
Deputy Superintendent (II), SSKMH Annex-2 & 3 Dr. Soumabha Dutta    
Deputy Superintendent (III), SSKMH Annex-1 & 4 Dr. Partha De   super.ramrik@gmail.com
HOD Anaesthesiology Prof. Dr Sankari Santra 154 sankarisantra@yaho.com
HOD Anatomy Dr. Asis K Ghoshal 374 ghosalasiskumar@yahoo.com
HOD Biochemistry Prof Dr. Mousumi Mukhopadhyay 325 santanu60@yahoo.com 
HOD Cardiac Anesthesiology Prof. Dr. Chaitali Sen 450  
HOD Cardiology Dr. Sankar Chandra Mandal    
HOD Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery Prof. Dr. Subhankar Bhattacharjee 252 dr_sbctvs@rediff.com 
HOD Chest Medicine (Pulmonary) Prof. Dr. Somenath Kumdu 214 drsomenathkundu@yahoo.com
HOD Community Medicine Prof. Dr. Raghunath Mishra 317 misrarn.misra@gmail.com 
HOD Dermatology Prof. Dr. Gobinda Chatterjee 217 chatterjee.gobinda@rediffmail.com 
HOD Dentistry Prof P Chakraborty 211
HOD Endocrinology & Metabolism Prof. Dr. Subhankar Chowdhury 328 subhankar.chowdhury@gmail.com 
HOD ENT (Otorhinolaryngology) Prof Dr Arunava Sengupta 395 arunabhasengupta2008@gmail.com
HOD Forensic & State Medicine Prof Dr. Biswanath Kahali 296 kahali.biswanath@gmail.com
HOD Gynecology & Obstetrics Dr. Partha Sarathi Chakraborty 308 parthasarathichakravorty@yaho.co.in
HOD Gastroenterology
(School of Digestive & Liver Diseases)
Prof. Dr. Gopal Krishna Dhali 370 gkdhali@yahoo.co.in 
HOD Medicine Prof. Dr. Nirmalandu Sarkar 324 medicineipgmer@gmail.com
HOD Microbiology Prof. Dr. Prasnta Kumar Maity 231 prasantamaiti123@rediffmail.com 
HOD Neonatology Dr. Suchandra Mukherjee 162 drsmukherjee70@gmail.com
HOD Nephrology Prof. Dr. Rajendra Pandey 310 rajensankrityan@gmail.com 
HOD Neuro-Anaesthesiology Dr. Amita Acharya  22237702 dr.amitaacharya@yahoo.com
HOD Neurology Prof. Dr. Goutam Ganguly 22237734 drgoutamganguly@gmail.com 
HOD Neuro-Radiology Dr. Satyendu Bikash Samanta 22237745 drprabhatkghorai@gmail.com
HOD Neuro-Surgery Prof. Dr. Samarendra Nath Ghosh 22237709 drsamarghosh@yahoo.com 
HOD Nuclear & Experimental Medical Sciences Prof. Dr. Jayanta Chatterjee 329 drjchatterjee@gmail.com 
HOD Ophthalmology(Eye) Prof. Dr. Mita Khan 263 eyehodpg@gmail.com
HOD Orthopedics Prof. Dr. Ananda Kishore Pal 318 orthoakpal@yahoo.com
HOD Pathology Prof. Dr. Monoj Chowdhury 256 manojchoudhuri@yahoo.com 
HOD Pediatric Medicine Prof. Dr. Supratim Datta 177 drsupratimdatta@gmail.com
HOD Pediatric Surgery Prof Ruchirendu Sarkar 394 ruchirendu@gmail.com 
HOD Pharmacology Prof. Dr. Amal Kanti Das  378 dasamalkantidas@gmail.com
HOD Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Prof. Dr. Rathindranath Halder 226 rathinhaldar@yahoo.com
HOD Physiology Prof. Utpal Kumar Datta 373 drutpaldatta@yaho.com 
HOD Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Prof. Bijoy Kumar Majumdar 322 bijaykumar_majumdar@yahoo.co.in
HOD Institute of Psychiatry Dr. Pradip Kumar Saha    
HOD Radiodiagnosis Prof. Dr. Utpalendu Das 326 ipgmerradiology@gmail.com 
HOD Radiotherapy Prof. Dr. Siddhartha Bassu 257 siddharthabasu24@gmail.com 
HOD Rheumatology Dr. Alakendu Ghosh 334 alakendughosh@gmail.com
HOD Surgery Prof.  Dr. Bitan Chatterjee 285 bitankumar2005@yahoo.co.in
HOD Urology Prof. Dr. Dilip Kr Pal 388 drdkpal@yahoo.co.in
Central Library Mr. Partha Roy Chowdhury    
MOIC Blood Bank Dr. Pratik Dey 214 bloodbanksskm@rediffmail.com
MOIC Store Dr. R.Samajpati 150 rathindranathsamajpati@gmail.com
In charge CCU Prof Dr. Asuhosh Ghosh 284 ghoshasu@yahoo.co.in
In charge ITU Dr. Rajat Chowdhury 474 rajat.choudhuri@gmail.com
Registrar MRD Dr. D.Chatterjee 471  
Nursing Superintendent  Mrs Bandana Bannerjee 156 bandanans@gmail.com
Assistant Superintendent, SSKMH Sri Anindya Bannerjee 124 energy.ban@gmail.com
Assistant Superintendent, SSKMH Mr. Kaustav Ghosh Chowdhuri 125  
Assistant Superintendent, SSKMH Mr. Kumar Kanti Mal 126  
Assistant Superintendent, SSKMH Mr. Syed Zia-ul Mustafa Alquadri    
Assistant Superintendent, SSKMH Annex-1 Mr. Arindam Mukherjee   arindammukherjee1976@gmail.com
Assistant Superintendent, SSKMH Annex-2 Mr. Bijoy Bhowmik    
Assistant Superintendent, SSKMH Annex-2 Mr. Shib Prasad Das    
Assistant Superintendent, SSKMH Mrs. Barna Saha    
Assistant Superintendent, SSKMH Mrs. Chandrabali Bose    
Assistant Superintendent, SSKMH Annex-1 Mrs. Payel Dutta    
Assistant Superintendent, SSKMH Mrs. Mallika Das    
Accounts Officer, SSKMH & Annex-3 Mr. Avijit Adak    
Accounts Officer, SSKMH Annex-1 & 4 Mr. Debashis Choudhuri    
Accounts Officer, SSKMH Annex-2 Mrs. Kakali Das    
Rogi Sahayak Kendra Rogi Sahayak 221  
Security Officer   121  
OC, SSKM OP Sri TK Mandal 111  
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