Pharmacovigilence Committee
The availability of wide range of medicines (Drugs) in every conceivable therapeutic category has revolutionized the practice of therapeutics over the past few decades. Drugs are also now being widely used for diagnostic and prophylactic purposes. Adverse Drud Reactions are being detected more and more. To make the drug therapy safer and new drug also made safer, a Pharmaco Vigilance Committee has been constituted as a part of India’s Nationl Phamacovigilence Programme (NAVP-India).

Present Committee Members
Name Designation Role
Prof Ajay Kumar Ray Director, IPGME&R Chairperson
Prof. Manimay Banerjee MSVP, IPGME&R Co-Chairperson
Prof. Suparna Chatterjee Prof. Dept. of Pharmacology Convener
Prof. Supratim Dutta HOD, Paediatrics Member
Prof. Gobinda Chatterjee HOD, Dermatology Member
Prof. Alakendu Ghosh HOD, Medicine & Rheumatology Member
Prof. Prasanta Kumar Maiti HOD, Microbiology Member
Prof. Pradip Kumar Saha HOD, Psychiatry Member
Prof. Nirmalendu Sarkar HOD, General Medicine Member
Prof. Avijit Hazra Prof. Dept. Of Pharmacology Member
ADR reporting form of PvPI
GoI notification regarding use of generic names 2016
MCI notification regarding use of generic names 2017
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