Outdoor Clinics - Psychiatry
Days Consultants
Monday & Tuesday Prof. Dr. Pradip Kumar Saha Dr. Indranil Saha,
Dr. Nikhiles Mondal,
Dr. Rajarshi Neogi,
Dr. Sujit Sarkhel
Dr. Sikha Ghosh
Wednesday & Friday Dr. Sikha Mukhopadhyay Dr. Prasanta Kumar Das,
Dr. Paramita Roy,
Dr. Parthasarathy Biswas
Dr. Subir Bhattacharjee
Thursday & Saturday Prof. Dr. Amit Kumar Bhattacharya Dr. Prathama Guha,
Dr. Subir Hazra Chowdhury
Dr. Dhrubajyoti Bagchi
Sunday 2nd & 4th Prof. Dr. Pradip Kumar Saha Dr. Parthasarathy Biswas
IOP is also running multi-disciplinary special clinics in, de-addiction, geriatric and child psychiatry, obsessive compulsive & mood disorders. Patients are referred to these clinics from the general psychiatry outdoor or indoor, for detailed assessment and management, including individual & family therapy. The schedule of special clinics is as follows:
SN Clinic Consultant Day
1 Child Adolescent Clinic Dr. Sujit Sarkhel, Dr. Pradip Kumar Saha Thursday
2 Substance Abuse Clinic Dr. Shikha Mukhopadhyay, Dr. Parthasarathy Biswas Friday
3 Geriatric Clinic Dr. Shikha Mukhopadhyay, Dr. Pradip Kumar Saha Tuesday
4 OCD Clinic Dr. Pradip Kumar Saha, Dr Uday Sankar Mandal Wednesday
5 Mood Clinic Dr. Pradip Kumar Saha, Dr Subir Bhattacharya Saturday
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