Faculty Members of Medicine Department
Dr. Abhishek Mukherji (Jr.) Dr. Adrija Hajra (Jr.)
Dr. Agnibha Maiti (Sr.) Dr. Anindya Mondal (Jr.)
Dr. Anupam Mandal (Asst.Prof.) Dr. Arpan Dutta (Jr.)
Dr. Asutosh Ghosh (Prof.) Dr. Avas Chandra Ray (Asso. Prof.)
Dr. Biswajit Ghosh (Jr.) Dr. C. Zarzosangi (Jr.)
Dr. Debdeep Mondal (Jr.) Dr. Indrani Bhattacharyya (Sr.)
Dr. Keya Ray (Sr.) Dr. Manjari Saha (Asso. Prof.)
Dr. Mou Basu (Sr.) Dr. Mridul Kanti Das (Prof.)
Dr. Mrityunjoy Biswas (Sr.) Dr. Niladri Sarkar (Prof.)
Dr. Nirmalendu Sarkar (Prof.) Dr. Pradip Kumar Datta (Prof.)
Dr. Pratyush Biswas (Jr.) Dr. Sanchita Saha (Asst. Prof.)
Dr. Saubhik Kanjilal (Asst. Prof.) Dr. Shantasil Pain (Prof.)
Dr. Shashtipada Raut (Sr.) Dr. Snehasis Das (Jr.)
Dr. Soumitra Ghosh (Prof.) Dr. Soumya Ghosh (Jr.)
Dr. Sourav Nag (Sr.) Dr. Srabani Ghosh (Asso. Prof.)
Dr. Subhasis Majhi (Jr.) Dr. Subhra Aditya (Asst. Prof.)
Dr. Subrata Halder (Asst. Prof.) Dr. Tapan Kumar Mandal (Sr.)
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