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IPGME&R Central Library is intended for use by the students, researchers and faculty of the institute as well as medical staff of SSKM Hospital. The total number of books in its collection currently stands at approximately 20,600+. It also has a collection of 29,000+ bound volumes of Biomedical Journals and approximately in 2,250 disciplines. The broadband internet facility caters to the needs of faculty, students and research scholars. The institute also has access to 290+ eJournals subscribed by the National Medical Library, New Delhi (NLM). These are made available through its ERMED consortium. The access is available from computers in the library and elsewhere those are linked to the Institution server. However, availability of this particular facility is subject to subscription status at NLM.

Location and floor area
Ronald Ross Building, 3rd Floor and 6th Floor 2400 m2 total


  • Postgraduate & Postdoctoral Reading Room
  • Undergraduate Reading Room 1 and 2
  • Teachers Reading Room
  • Librarian Room
  • Staff Room
  • Computer Room
  • E-Library
  • Photocopy Room

Working hours
8:00 AM to 9:00 PM in 2 shifts

Library Timings (working hours)

1.30 hours – 20.00 hours on all working week days

10.30 hours – 15.00 hours on working Saturdays

Timing for reading in the Library

For Post Graduate Students

                   11.00 hours – 19.00 hours for  on all working week days
       10.30 hours – 14.00 hours on working Saturdays

For Under Graduate Students
                   11.00 hours – 17.00 hours for  on all working week days
       10.30 hours – 14.00 hours on working Saturdays

No. of Books : 21,263
(i) Text            15,850
(i) Reference     5,413

No. of books purchased during the last 3 years : 2015-16    366
                                                                       2014-15    151
                                                                       2013-14    289

No. of Journals subscribed annually : (i) Indian 79      (ii) Foreign 38
Free full text access to about 244 E-journals from 5 reputed publishers, through the ERMED consortium initiative of the National Library of Medicine (NLM), New Delhi, is available.

Back issue volumes : Journals: (i) Indian   3000   (ii)  Foreign   26000   Thesis   2146

Staff :
Librarian : Mr. Partha Roy Chowdhury (Library In-charge) B.Sc. (Hons), B.Lib. (Sc.)
Mr. Dhanapati Mondal M.A., B.L.I.S.
Mr. Nirmal Saha B.Sc., B.Lib. (Sc.)

Library Assistants : Mrs. Ranu Valmiki
Mr. Santanu Das

Peons : Mrs. Rupashree Mukherjee

Sweeper : Mr. Liaquat Ali (Sweeper)

System of Cataloging : Unit form of cataloging [AACR]

The Library caters to the needs of  Faculty, Students and Research Scholars of this Institute and also to scholars of other Institutions. Internet facility available free of cost for the Library users within the reading room.  Scanning facility is also available.

Central air-conditioning of the library (section on 4th floor of Ronald Ross Building) was completed this year. An unfortunate fire incident in the 6th floor of the Ronald Ross building has caused damage to old periodicals. The damaged section is being renovated.

Library Rules

  1. Any Students, researchers, faculty and medical staff can visit the library during its working hours and read books/journals. Books borrowed for reading in the library need to be returned 15 minutes prior to closing time. No books will be lend after this period.
  2. Anyone other than the above category may obtain reading privilege in the library for a period not exceeding one year by applying to the Director of the institute.
  3. A lending card is issued to all the students of the institution for use of library facilities. This card need to be produced while using the library facility. These cards are non-transferable. In case of loss of the card, same should be informed to the librarian in writing and apply for reissue of the card.
  4. Books marked ‘Reference’ will be kept for use in Library only, and will not be available for Home – lending.
  5. Faculty of the institution may borrow upto 2 Books at a time for a maximum period of 21 days. Students may borrow only 1 book at a time for a maximum period of 15 days. Books may be reissued, unless it is reserved  by others in advance.
  6. A fine of Rs. 1 per days is chargeable for delay in returning books beyond the above stipulated period.
  7. Journals and Thesis volumes can not be issued for Home lending except to the Head of Departments for temporary use during Journal Clubs and seminars.
  8. Books issued to the departments will be under safe custody of the respective Departmental Head.
  9. Any loss or damage to a book must immediately be brought to the notice of the Librarian who will accept a replacement or the current cost of the book.
  10. Library Clearance Certificates are issued by the Librarian against written application for the same, after verification to the satisfaction of the Library authority.
  11. These rules are subject to changes as per decision of the College Council.
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