Gender Harassment Committee
Our institution forbids any discrimination based on gender. Men and women are expected to function in their professional and social spheres with mutual respect and cooperation. The purpose of this committee is to look into complaints related to gender based discrimination and sexual harassment with respect to students and teaching as well non-teaching staff. The Committee functions from the Office of Dean of Student Affairs.

Present Committee Members
Name Gender Designation Role
Prof. Chhanda Dutta F Professor, Dept. Of Pathology Convener
Prof. Mita Khan F Head of Department, Ophthalmology Convener
Dr. Chaitali Datta Ray F Assoc. Prof. Dept of Gynaecology & Obst. Convener
Dr. Mausumi Basu F Assoc. Prof. Dept of Community Medicine Convener
Dr. Pradip Kumar Saha M Head of Department, Psychiatry Convener
Prof. Biswanath Kahali M Head of Department, Forensic Medicine Convener
Ms. Sebanti Mukherjee F Assistant Superintendent Member
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